24 May 2012

Weston on Android: desktop-shell

Last week I got weston-desktop-shell working on Android, along with some toytoolkit clients. This means I have Cairo androgenized, and it can even render text. I did have trouble with Cairo's configure script, so the build lacks all thread-safety. For the curious, all sources can be found via my wayland-aggregate. Right now I'm working on Android's libEGL, trying to add Wayland support.
Galaxy Nexus sideways on a table, running Weston and desktop-shell.

11 May 2012

Wayland anti-FUD

I was replying to an email, and got side-tracked into writing some Wayland anti-FUD. There are lots of myths about Wayland out there, so I thought to better make it into a blog post.

This post is about the very small overhead of a Wayland (system) compositor, and why Wayland over network will be much better than X-over-ssh.

I predict that on desktops and other systems that may have accounts for more than one person, there will actually be two Wayland compositors stacked. There is a system compositor at the bottom, handling fast user switching, replacing VT switching, etc., and then a session compositor that actually provides the desktop environment. This is not my idea, it has been written in the Wayland FAQ under "Is Wayland replacing the X server?" for a long time.

My point is: Wayland compositors will not make 3D games suck because of compositing. While explaining why, I also continue to explaining why network transparency will not suck either. Now, do not mix up these things, I am not claiming that remoting 3D games over network will magically become feasible.